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Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero
5 x 2 hour Sessions

Master the basics! Become a competent and self-sufficient in your kiteboarding

As an extension of the Kick Starter, we will take you above and beyond the basics of kiteboarding, giving you more time with your instructor to perfect the art of kiteboarding.

This is your chance to master the basics, to have all the skills and confidence to go out on the water comfortably with a level of independence.

At this point, you will hear us say “you are ready to leave the nest”.


Options Perth Cocos
1 Person Session



Oct 2021 - May 2022


5th Jul - 24th Aug 2022
8th - 14th Sep 2022
29th Sep - 6th Oct 2022

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Confidence gained!

Confidence gained!

I found the Ape X Kiteboarding to be very professional with their main two points of focus to be #1 safety and #2 progession. The safety aspect for me was probably the most important to gain confidence to manage any situation. The progression aspect I always felt I continued to build on what was previously learnt and was always encouraged at every step. I think with this friendly environment retains your enthusiasm and it all happens. Very impressed.

Trevor Norman - Retired Cabinet Maker Read more testimonials...