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Our passion for travel and participating in board sports date back to 2002 with our owner and head instructor, April Warren, traveling and working in locations such as Canada, Japan, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Australia.

April learned how to kiteboard while living in Cyprus which lead her to teaching students and becoming the assistant manager at a water sports centre in Cyprus.

In 2017, April returned to Australia and commenced her dream of creating the ultimate experience! Providing a step-by-step journey where each individual is to be assisted with all the ins and outs of kiteboarding, from learning and joining a community to enjoying travel adventures.

We kick started our kiteboarding school in association with F-one on the Gold Coast, Queensland. In November 2018, April transformed the business model to cater for growth and expansion into other disciplines, locations and travel adventures. The transformation included the creation of “Ape X Kiteboarding” and moved its primary operations to Perth, Western Australia with off-season operations at Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

The “Ape X” brand indicates the highest point of something. With “Ape X” Kiteboarding, “Ape X Wing foiling” etc, being the highest quality of service. The design of the logo incorporates the brand ideology and provides an image of the friendliness and fun while learning.

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We promise to provide a “Premium and Personalised” service to every customer.

Beginner to Intermediate

Beginner to Intermediate

April gave great tuition and operated within safe kiting protocols. An awesome experience.