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The Kick Starter

The Kick Starter
3 x 2 hour Sessions

Conquer the basics! Become a confident and safe kiteboarder

Let’s get you kiteboarding! We will provide you with all the general information around kiteboarding. Much to learn and we have much to share.

We guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know; safety, equipment, environment, and communication. We provide all necessary equipment while delivering comprehensive lesson plans. Alleviate doubt or concerns by reinforcing quality and comprehensiveness of programs conducted by internationally certified instructors.

Ape X teaching methods will allow you to be self-sufficient and feel comfortable to venture out on your own.

Our Ape X teaching methods will get you there!


Options Perth Cocos
1 Person Session



October - May


July - October

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What to Expect

5 Star customer service

Attentive Instructors to meet your needs and goals

We are particular in selecting the right conditions for your maximum benefits - most importantly for you to be comfortable and confident.

Ape X = All-round Personable Experience

Kiteboarding Session

You may have heard this is an extreme sport, although it is, with the Ape X teaching methods and use of the best equipment on the market, the learning curve is not as steep as you think.

Kiteboarding Session

Ape X prides itself on customising the learning journey around you. You will have a helping hand, every step of the way.

Kiteboarding Session

From achieving your goals, gaining all the knowledge and stepping into your own independence. From there, Ape X will assist with your ongoing progression, making the right selections for gear, offering further involvement in the community and joining us for social events, weekend retreats and travel adventures. This is what makes your ultimate experience, Your Ape X.

Want More?!

Sure thing! We offer a range of progression programs, easy transitions to other disciplines, other adventures, and more for you to try.

For you - we’ve got it all!

Things You'll Need

Water bottle, sunscreen, hat (optional), towel and a dry change of clothes.
A snack for after the session is always a nice treat ;)
Wear whatever you're comfortable wearing in the water (wetsuit if you have).
I will provide the rest :)

Things You Wont Need

All equipment; including personal protective clothing i.e. impact vest, helmet and booties.
We've got you covered ;)

Locations, Dates & Times

After selecting the package or your choice, lessons will be scheduled according to wind conditions and your advised availability.

What comes next?

You will be certified and registered with IKO of your level in kiteboarding. And updated as you progress.

Further training and coaching of new disciplines of kiteboarding ie directional/surfboard, freestyle, and hydrofoil are new means to this sport if you wish to expand your horizons.

Social meet and greets, day trips and hang outs are always in action.
As well as planning our next travel adventure with the crew!

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Daunting but exciting

Daunting but exciting

April explained everything very succinctly, and didn't overload me with too much information in the moment to obfuscate my comprehension.