Beginner Lessons

Lesson Outline

Our comprehensive, step-by-step lessons are focused on personalised teaching methods, safety and international best practices (IKO – International Kiteboarding Organisation).

Utilising the latest/most updated equipment you will be treated to an exhilarating experience from the Ape X Kiteboarding lesson programs, and the opportunity to join an ever-growing community.

Wet Your Appetite

Individual or invite up to 3 mates for 1 session intro to kiteboarding
Cover the basic knowledge and safety
Have a test fly with your instructor


A single session overview is designed for newbies to have a taste of what kiteboarding is all about. Along with an introduction to safety and equipment, with some time in the water flying the kite.

The Kick Starter

3 session beginners program
Conquer the basics
Become a confident, safe beginner kiteboarder


3 x 2 hour sessions is the recommended amount of time on the water to kick start you into the sport of Kiteboarding, providing all the safety aspects and knowledge to be comfortable in your kiteboarding experience.
Further training is at your own discretion.

Zero to Hero

5 session beginners program
Master the basics + advanced techniques
Become a competent and self-sufficient kiteboarder

5 x 2 hour sessions will step you through The Kick Starter program and beyond. Additional time on the water with your personal instructor, will give you the chance to master the art of Kiteboarding and reach a level of independence.


What to Expect

We start at the beginning…
ease you in...
guide you through...
build your confidence to have fun...

Kiteboarding Session

First Session

Your lessons will start with the safety aspects, followed by learning about the equipment, reading the wind and the environment.

Your instructor will teach you the proper set up techniques and get you straight into the water to begin flying your first real kite.

Kiteboarding Session

Second Session

The pace of each lesson is shaped specifically around the individual student’s progress and needs. When the instructor and the student is confident in maneuvering the kite, body dragging and knows how to conduct a “Self Rescue”. We then introduce the board and teach you techniques on how to handle the board and kite in a variety of ways.

Remember you must first become the driver before the rider.

Kiteboarding Session

Third Session

Now it’s time for the real deal - water starts. Practice, practice and more practice is now the name of the game.

The instructor will teach you how to get going on the water and introduce new drills to prepare you for what may happen in your sessions to come.

Further Training

The instructor will now teach you how to travel with and against the wind. Once you can successfully kite in both directions you will progress into learning how to make a fluid and effortless transition.

There is always something to learn. And we are here for your ongoing progression. Even your instructor gets training lessons.

Things You'll Need

All you'll need to bring is water worthy clothing and sun protection i.e hat, sunglasses (preferably with strap). Water bottle.

Things You Wont Need

We provide sunscreen, all equipment; including personal protective clothing ie impact vest, helmet and booties.

Locations, Dates & Times

After confirmation of your booking, lessons will be scheduled and you will be notified of when and where your lesson will be conducted.

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What comes next?

You will be certified and registered with IKO of your level in kiteboarding. And updated as you progress.

Further training and coaching of new disciplines of kiteboarding ie directional/surfboard, freestyle, and hydrofoil are new means to this sport if you wish to expand your horizons.

Social meet and greets, day trips and hang outs are always in action.
As well as planning our next travel adventure with the crew!

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April got me kiting!

April got me kiting!

April is an excellent instructor, she’s enthusiastic and to the point, very practical. I was on the board in no time. Thanks April!

Joanne Rijks

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